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Once anonymous "Prague Photographer" that became a lifetime nomad.

Josef Koudelka

What to learn from Masters?

Comparison of photoghic styles of the best. What makes them unique?

Russion invasion to Prague in 1968

"It was my country. I took these photographs for myself, not magazines. I knew it was important to photograph, so I photographed." history started to unfold. 
The photos were smuggled abroad anonymously because he was afraid of repression.

Gypsies: On the Margins of Society

Nomands since 12th century.
Focus on the strength in feelings on the basis of the struggle for survival rather than the surroundings conditions or reasons that led to it.
Becoming familiar allowed him to Focus on bonds over visible features, because subjects didn't consider him a stranger.

Exile & Ulysses

Continued to photographed "for himself" in his 20 years of exile from Czechoslovakia.
"I am the product of this continuous traveling."
Shared uprooting with his subjects.