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A cofee ceremony we got in a clay hut on the way where our scout led us. We negotiated a price by ourselves:) 

A tasty coffee can be bought just on an Ethiopean market, both roasted and raw. 

The Habesha coffee ceremony is a core cultural custom in Ethiopia.

There is a routine of serving coffee daily, mainly for the purpose of getting together with relatives, neighbors, or other visitors. 

Coffee was discovered around the 9th century in Ethiopia. 

The story goes that a goat herder named Kaldi noticed that his goats became energetic after eating some red berries from a certain tree. So he tried them himself and got all hyped up too. 

Day temperatures are between 11-18 °C.

Nights can get freezing chilly with temperature dropping close to zero. 

A scout was mandatory to hire. They claim it's for safety, but I guess it's more a way of transfering money to locals. 

Our scout did not speak English. But he look very proud for his profession. 

It was finally him who led us to a clay shed to buy a "coffee ceremony".