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  • Mountain villages

  • Steep ridges and suspension bridges

  • Buddhist monasteries

  • 8th 8thousender Manáslu

What's nearby:

Locals were very friendly in 2008. 

Basically all children instantly lined up ordered by their height whenever we point a camera to them.

We played a volleyball with them.

Before our departure, we heard that it's good for the children if we bring them some soap and pens. And

that turned out to be a hit! 

Whenever we approached the children, they would already shout from

a distance, "Hello pen! Hello Pen!" As the altitude increased, the needs decreased and they

would only shout at us, "Hello plastic! Hello plastic!". They were happy just for an empty plastic bottle.

We got invited to a school. The teacher tought us to count to 100 together with his class.

We remembered just 1-10:)

Ukálo pác!

A journey from Kathmandu to Ārughāt Bāzār and from Syange to Pokhara

The bus to Ārughāt Bāzār took around 8 hours. Now it goes further up in the valley.

Not much leg room there. We rode on the roof at the end.

The way back from around Syange by jeep at first (organized just there), then by bus to Pokhara.