Manaslu circuit trek (मनास्लु)

Dharmashala without tent?

There was one night the tent was needed for. 

Although Dharmashala (Larkya Resthouse) is a great place to sleep, it's used by sherpas and porters, and it can get overcrowded, and they might not want to let you in. We persuaded them to make some space for us only after an hour of discussion that had to be conducted in French, because their sherpa (guide) did not speak English. It was a freezing night full of smoke of sherpa's fire. 

Now lodges?

Now there seems to be a lodge there, but we are not aware of anybody who reviewed it yet. 

There is a Larkya Phedi (Dharamsala) lodge with 64 beds and  Zambala and the Larkya La (pre-fabricated modules, 100-120 beds).

Cold, dirty and crowded.

Dharmashala – Larkya La (5130 m) 

What's nearby:

Lot of lodges and food on the way (except for the Dharmasala above). 

It's excpetional to get anything else than a dhal bhat, but it tastes different in every village. 

Locals were friendly and did not have a problem taking picture with us.

We played voleyball with them. 

We got even invited to a school and teacher tried to teach us (together with children) to count to 100. 

We remembered just 1-10:) 

We brought and gave soup to children. 

The bus to Ārughāt Bāzār took around 8 hours. Now it goes further up in the valley. 

Not much leg room there. We rode on the roof at the end. 

The way back from around Syange by jeep at first (organize just there), then by bus to Pokhara. 

Eat & Overnight


Journey from Kathmandu to Ārughāt Bāzār and from Syange to Pokhara

Permits for the area and guide needed

Permits acquired by namastetrek.com.np (Jangbu Sherpa)

You can take a peek into a Tsum valley on the way.

Minimal group is 2.  

A guide is required. Clerks near Manasclu conservation area entrance checks that and are unvilling to pass groups without a guide. 


No special equipment, just water desinfection and good boots are needed. 

Lodges and food is possible to buy. The Dharmasala lodges before the top pass can be crowded though! 


The elevation starts to climb very slowly. The acclimatization day is needed above 3000 m.

We did the first days quite easy. It's possible to join them and make it faster.  

Best time to trek

Mar-Jun or Sep-Nov (Oct-mid Dec is best).

Busiest is October. Limits are the monsoon (June to September) and winter snow and Larkya Phedi lodge closures.

Geting there and back

Bus from Kathmandu to Soti Khola: 8-9 hours

Drive back from Syange to Kathmandu: 7-8 hours.


Back in 2008 it was a very remote area. We met just coule of groups. With the growing popularity there were 8000 trekkers in 2019.

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