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Most of the huts on the plateau are self-service. Despite that, they have decent supplies and kitchen utensils. You just fill a paper what you had consumed with your contact and you'll get an invoice at the end of the season.

There also are couple of serviced huts, typically on the borders of the plateau, closer to a road.

What's nearby:

Despite being a self-service the huts are guarded by guardians who assist when needed.

A such situation happened, when to an already fully occupied hut for 16 people came an un-announced group of 17 people expecting they'll fit in. He attempted this mission impossible with grace and soon all overnighters were accommodated. Some on the floor, some in a service-shed and joust a couple of them had to use a tent they fortunately had.

Most of the huts have both reservable places and walk-in: first come / first serve.

The Oslo-Bergen railway is considered to be the one of the most scenic ones in Europe. The best views are from Geilo and further when the train gets some altitude.

The trail starts right from a Finse station (1222 m), 4.5 h from Oslo.

Queues of disciplined instagramish folks waiting a long line to photograph and be photographed.