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From railway to Glacier

By a river up through a gorge

The route can be done both ways and is split in the middle after 2+4 days by a bus in Liset village.

We actually did this first part in reverse, because of the huts/commute availability. The tracks below are reversed back to the initial plan.

What's nearby:

The start of the track is right at the Finse train station with a (4.5 h) direct train from Oslo.

Note, trains in Norway might be delayed regularly (according to locals). We were unlucky to "win" a huge delay right in Oslo when no trains were coming for whole 2 hours and many were canceled. Even trains to airport were canceled during that time. So it's wise to have some buffers in planning.

The return trip goes via Voss station reachable by a regular public bus. There is also a shutle from the end of the trail to Tyssedal (100 NOK).