There are almost a hundred tigers in the park, but we didn't see any. Just a few alleged tracks.

We saw a lots of birds, some monkeys and finally, the most feard rhino! 

Rhinos are pretty dangerous. 

They have poor eyesight. 

They try to smell you, aim to point towards your direction and then charge! 

That time you should already be elsewhere. 

We hired two guides to walk us through the jungle and help us spot animals. 

It was an easy, yet long, whole day walk. 

What's nearby:

I ran out of camera batteries and that forced me to experiment how to charge them without the charger. 

The 6 AA batteries charged it by half.

I used what I just had around. I used the duct tape that I have on trekking poles for occasions like that (who ever knows when he might need it) or a tape from my first-aid kit. 

The problem were wires. Nobody had any. The only wire I found was on cutains in a lodge:)

The next model was more compact for travelling:) 

Maoists used to have an influence here, yet we don't know any details about these signs.




Question sent to the adventurer

Waiting for the Rhino

We spent a night in a lodge on the other side of the park.

Moments of calm. 

"Emergency" Photo-Gear:)

Propaganda, agitation & education


Night in the jungle