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Chitwan National Park

There are supposed to be tigers as well, according to our guides there were some trails, but we did not see any. 

Beware of rhinos. They have bad sight, but can get furrious easily. They smell you, turn your way, and charge towards. That time you actually should be already elsewhere. 

Calming jungle with rhinos, crocodiles, monkeys and many birds

We hired two guides who walked us through the jungle and helped us to spot the animals. 

What's nearby:

We arrived by a bus to Bharatpur. But on the way back we wanted more adventurous ride. 

We negotiated a one-way trip motorbike rental from Bharatpur to Kathmandu. 

The motorbike broke on the way (loosen chain) and had to manage a repair. Fortunately we drove many kilometers to a small bike-shop service just down by gravity on a non-functional motorbike. But we had to overnight on the way because of the time lost.

A local guy went by bus to Kathmandu instead of us (with our backpacks) and picked up his motorbike there, so we enjoyed the ride. We fortunately managed to call his boss on a phone so he waited one more day for us.