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Demanding hike with hard navigation: 4-8 days. 

Noname unmapped track to the north from more known Paso de la Oveja we got recommended by locals. 

Tent, food and strength is needed.

It's easy to follow the general direction, because it reflects how the valley around Arroyo Grande goes, but sometimes it was challenging to stay on the track. Ocassionally there are piles of rocks made by people to help you navigate. Yet sometimes the track disappeared and we had to search for where it goes. It slows down significantly. Typically, where the terrain looked impassable, we got of the track. 

The most demanding were beaver dams, that flooded large areas and the terrain was hard to pass and navigate through. 

We used satelite images (downloaded to offline) to correct and find an approximate course when we lost the track. 

Side trips (included):

  • Laguna del Caminante (1 day)

  • Laguna Mariposa (2 days)

Tierra del Fuego: unmapped paso for all beavers of Patagonia

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