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Spectacular rock formation.

Winderness permit is required.

Hike to Subway and back

11.9 h: 13 km 400 m up 400 m down (4 h moving)

Strenuous hike through rugged terrain with some steep and loose slopes and slippery wet rocks and river fording. No special skills needed, but its strenuous. 

Typically 6-10 hours round trip. 

There's no marked trail, but the path is easy to navigate with a map or a GPS track. Note that every year some hikers get lost so plan and prepare. 

No equipment needed up to the "subway" highlight. Dead-end there. If you want to go further, you'd need rope, webbing, or other device for descent or ascent.

Not recommened if there is a threat of rain.

The hike is harder in spring (April and May) or winter (cold water and unpredictable conditions). If you have any concerns about conditions, please ask the rangers at the Wilderness Desk to get the latest information.

Alternative trip report

There's an alternative top-down technical canyoneering route that requires ropes, harnesses, rappelling skills and equipment, long swims through extremely cold water, and route finding skills. Wetsuits are recommended in even the hottest weather.

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