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Volcán Puyehue, Chile: this was extreme and a pure miss (Here be Dragons!)

We actually followed an old instruction before the whole area changed by a huge erruption. 

It was supposed to be an easy 4 h hike to hot springs. It took us 11 hours to get there through a devastated "moonscape" covered by a thick layer of volcanic dust. 

Extremely demanding hike without water through gorges. The whole landscape changed. The errupting volcano moved a river one valley further. 

We had to climb 500 m down just to get a water and overnight. And the other day we did it the same way back. 

I do not share any instruction, because I do not recommend it. 

Now there are probably newer guides to folow to explore the area around.

There are easier alternatives if you don't want to go for a real extreme.

Volcán Puyehue

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