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We wanted to get a glimpse of a local culture of Omo or Mago valley's dry open savanah, riverine forrests and tribes. However when we got there, we were discouraged by how touristic the thours seemed to be there: you are considered a "faranji" to shout at and take money from, supposed to pay for every single photo taken, self-appointed guides.

Instead we decided to explore noname neaby villages and instead of hunting of attractions we became an attraction for curious local children and were invited to a local hut for a tea. 


Market attracts Ari, Mursi, Banna tribes: Tue, Sat

Returning 5-6:30

Access: 2 day bus:  Addis Ababa (5 am, 8 h) – Arba Minch (8 h, Birr 35)

Alternative: markets in villages in the area: 

Mon: Konso, Turmi

Tue: Dimeka, Turmi, Jinka

Thu: Key Afer, Konso

Fri: Konso, Arbore

Sat: Dimeka, Jinka, Yabelo

Sun: Weyto

Bold: most colorful


Use malaria profylaxy and spray against insect

Nechisar safari

"White grass" in Amharic.

least visited park

Admission: Birr 100, vehicle Birr 30

We explored it independently by a rented motor bike. 

Jinka village above Omo and Mago valley independent visit

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