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The place of many extremes. 

Sulphur, salt and permanent lava lake. 

One of the hottest and most inhospitable places on Earth. 

The temperature can reach 45 °C here. Not recommneded in summer. 

In 100 m below sea level, the Danakill Depression is 

Dallol (sulphur and salt) (-116 m), is the hottest place on Earth with an average tempearature of 34.4° C. Not recommended in summer. Salt is mined out of the ground by hand. 

Bubbling volcanoes light up the sky

Sulphurous mounds 

4 days Jeep ride with guides

In 2011, the only way was to pass a desert by multiple 4WDs. 

Multiple 4WD's were absolutely necessary, because one occasionally get stuck in sand.

Now there seems to be a dirt road up to 1 km from the crater

The following information is from 2011 and now it's probably much easier to organize. 

Mandatory guide and guards. 

  • Hamad 'Ela village overnight

  • Erta Ale Volcano (613 m): it is in continuous erruption since 1967. Sourtherly crater is one of the only permament lava lakes on the planet. 

  • Hamad 'Ela village overnight

  • Dallol (sulphur and salt) (-116 m), The hottest place on earth with an average tempearature of 34.4° C. Salt is mined out of the ground by hand. 

Two weeks after us they killed a group of tourists there. 

Moonscape of active Erta Ale Volcano and Danakil Depression

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