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Bezejmenyj means noname in Russian. 

We got it recommended by our Russian friends. They lent us a printed map and gave us instructions and GPS coordinates to navigate through. 

Less wild and remote but as beautiful as Khodutka.

On our own in the wildernes. 

Almost impenetrable forrest "stlánik" on the 3rd day

  1. taxi to nearby Tokhkoloch lake (Тохколоч, 570 m) – climb up below Vačkažicy peaks (Вачкажицы, around 1500 m) – camping

  2. late start – pass – overnight by a noname lake

  3. demanding day: almost impenetrable forrest "stlánik" again. Very slow. Camping on beautiful meadown.

  4. Alotchka river (алочка) (not named in map, but they called it like that) – pick-up by jeeps by friends

Bezejmenyj trek on Kamchatka: Tochkoloch – Alotchka

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