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Yosemite valley

3-day demanding hike with quite long days

One full demanding day to Merced lake and another full day back. 

Vogelsang peak: we just randomly chosen a peak around and found our way up there

You need a tent and bear canister. 

Do not leave any food in your tent or black bears will take you for a dinner. Put all food into the bear canister and leave at least 10 m apart from 

Do not leave any food in your car or black bears will damage it. 

Merced lake

Many beautiful views around the valley. Unfortunately the valley is accessible by car, so it gets very crowded on weekends and hollidays and there can even be a huge traffic jam. There are 4 million visitors yearly here. 

I recommend visiting on weekays. 

What's nearby:

We just randomly chose a peak around and found our way up there. 

There was a large area of burnt forest on the way to Merced lake. Quite common in the area, but very unusual feeling walking through it.