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Most photogenic Woraksan climb

Sinleugsa – Weolak-san Yeongbong – Bodeog-Am

6 h: 9 km 1000 m up over 1108 m 1000 m down (3.8 h moving)

Traversing through nice views of rocky peaks and views to the Namhangang river,

Two temples on the way

There are two small temples on the route (Sinleugsa and Bodeog-Am (보덕암)).

An alternative hike is the other way around (from Bodeog-Am) and to the west to a bigger temple Deogjusa (덕주사) (best at evening). 

Unreliable buses

Buses to get back were unreliable. Two of them just didn't come at all so we had to take a taxi. Decide on the price in advance not to overpay. Naver maps estimate the price. 

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