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Valluga (2809 m)

Nice open valley with easy to find route. 

Mind the track so you don't need to put skins on. 

The Valluga peak is the only hard part.

Downhill connects to pistes down to Zürs. 

Sankt Anton – Valluga – Pazüeltal – Zürs

The hardest part of the track (the top part is 40° both up and down). 

The top part on feet with skis on a backback. Easy on a hard snow (powder snow would be challenging).

Great views from the top.

What's nearby:

Only a Winterraum with 12 places is open in the winter. The hut is open from early July until late September

Basic cooking equipment and wood. 

The winterraum quite smelled from a toilet.

Nice downhils from the hut.

Trittalp lift helped not to need to put skins on. 

It does not control tickets.

Alternative is a short climb on skins to Tritt-Alpe restaurant (or below) or even before reaching the pistes.

Bus back to Zürs – Sankt Anton (€4.4)

Alternative would be to climb a Nördlicher Trittkopf (2581 m)