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Cactusscape of mini Volcanos

A journey by a car is as interesting as the Valle des Volcanos itself.

We used an offroad car to look around and see places like a Colca Canyon hike and Torro Muerto petroglyphs. 

Access: We used an offroad car to look around, but a bus goes there as well. 

Road to Valle de los Volcanos

Relaxing trip to a remote place with zero turists. 

It looked like the time stopped there. 

We enjoyed the lazy calmness of the Andagua village and made a short walk from a (offroad) car in a cactusscape of many mini volcanos around. 

We asked for an accomodation just at the place.

Nice views all the way there from Arequipa.  

What's nearby:

Toro Muerto (Dead Bull in English) is an area with 1000+ years old volcanic rock petroglyphs.

Easy 1 h walk.

Access: by car from Arequipa