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Tokyo Cityscapes

The rush battle of tuna auctions of traders evaluating rows and rows of fish and „fighting“ for the best piece is the biggest highlight.

This is the distribution hub for fresh food to and from every part of Japan.

Happens daily as early as 5:45-6:15 AM.

Online reservation needed or winning the access lottery before the auction is needed.

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Or you can just enjoy a meal from the fresh ingredients in the outside market.

Toyosu and Tsukiji Jogaii market

Energy, colors and rush of Tokyo megapolis' Ginza, Akihabara. 

Roppongi Hills Free Views

Midtown Tower is the tallest building in Tokyo (248 m).

Mori Tower (238 m) open-air Sky Deck is accessible free.

Roppongi was destroyed and rebuilt after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and again after World War II, and it was after the war that Roppongi started to take on its current shape.

Kapuseru hoteru

Tasting a night in a "capsule hostel" looked weired at first. But finally, it's much better than our hostels. Contrary having five strange people snorring around you, you have your own capsule that feels more personal. There are even higher standar capsules with great facilities like onsen or ryokan style. 

Akiba café

Contrary the capsule, the overnight in in Akiba café was definitely weird. It's a non-stop gaming venu. You get your own "capsule" with a computer there as well. To overnight there is cheaper than enywhere else. But it's the weirdest weard what you can do. At least what I am aware of:)

Akiba retro geeky electric internet town

Gadgets, electronics & anime megastores and maid cosplay cafes.

Geek in Japan translates "otaku" with the meaning more into a cultural identity assumed with pride.

What's nearby:

The 11 m high bronzed Great Buddha from 13th century is the second tallest bronze Buddha in Japan. 

One hour by public transport. 

Expect crowds.