Tetnuldi: warm-up above ski resort lift

We chose slopes near Gvibari according to snow conditions in 2018. 

Ushguli backcountry

The lack of snow limited our option mostly around the Tetnuldi resort.

What's nearby:

Village with characteristic stone towers that date back to the ninth century.

Svans practiced blood vengeance (litsvri), a custom of avenging a grave insult by killing either the offender or their male relative, or in which the family members of a person killed seek revenge against the family of the killer, creating a cycle of death that can last for generations.. 

Disputes resulted in families barricading themselves inside their tower for many months at a time.

Access: offroad car from Mestia or taxi (200 GEL / $80 two ways)

The way from Mestia can get hard to pass according to snow conditions. The car might get stuck and you need showels to get it out. We were lucky with pretty low snow on the way. 

Check the rented car has winter tires, not just offroad tires.



Ushguli (2100 m)



Unusual lack of snow on Feb/Mar 2018 limited our options to just a couple of places.

Access: offroad car, shuttle (near Didube metro station 30 GEL, 8-9 h) or taxi ($200) from Tbilisi 

Alternative access: airport small Kutaisi airport with 15 kg luggage limit (100 km)

There's no avalange forecast in the area. We watched snow-forecast.com weather history to understand how the snow layered in time and used avalanche backpacks and performed avalanche snow tests. 

Fligth with avalanche backpacks wasn't problem with proper documentation of avalanche cartridges for us, but check your airline up front. 

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