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Modern Seoul

The most brutal masterpiece of brutalist architcture, Kyungdong Presbyterian Church, is the only church I know that has a chimney:)

Eunpyeong Public Library is brutal in more classic way:) Despite being pretty normal inside, the outside shapes are brutal enough to admire:)

Brutalist architecture

DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) is the most distinct. Good to check a program or exhibitions, if you find Korean taste inspiring. It's surroundings did not reach a full potential though. There's no much to do with high traffic and no facilities around. It's actually best at night when it shines… 

Saemoonan Presbyterian Church (2019) is quite unique on Korean standards. It was designed to resemble doors opened to heaven. The main hall with its organ and excellent acoustics is also worth a look if you manage to get in.

What's nearby:

Wealthy, fashionable area known for its upscale shopping, dining and nightlife.

The best dish in Korean cuisine is Korean BBQ, but Japanese restaurants offer a wider variety.

Translated as 'bright cave' or 'bright tunnel', it's one of Seoul's main shopping and tourism districts. 

We liked the character of its backstreets better than the glittering parade route.