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1. Juncheong hut with Deachongbong peak

The main ridge is quite long, with a lot of climbing up and down. The rocky terrain is a bit harder to pass than the first part to the hut, with a bit of crawling using iron ropes on a couple of the harder parts, but no equipment is needed; you just need to be fit and comfortable with such terrain.

2. Seoraksan dinosaur ridge

There are three huts around the Deachongbong peak (Socheong, Jungcheong, Huiungak), but all except for the Jungcheong were in the process of renovation on our visit.

The huts do not seem any interesting (like alpine huts for example), just the Socheong hut looks nicer with its big windows.

You can buy simple goods like water, rice, and chocolate in the hut.

The dormitory is just one big room. It was quite hot there during the night. Despite being told in the information office by the park entrance that we can rent blankets on the hut if we have sleeping bag liner instead of carrying sleeping bags, they denied it on the hut and did not help us in any way. Fortunately, it was warm in the dormitory to sleep just in the liner. Actually, it was really hot there.
You can buy water (and a basic soup) in the hut. You must take anything more, including the oven, with you.

There is an alternative day trip down to Bonjeongam hermitage from the hut or to descend this way down instead of the dinosaur ridge.

What's nearby:

Overnighting at the Sinheungsa temple is a great opportunity to see the park without crowds or start hiking early the next day.

It is more like standard accommodation than a spiritual stay, but you can participate in a sound meditation evening prayer led by a monk.

Booking overnight for 30,000 won (including dinner and breakfast).

The reservation form needs a Korean phone number. We bought the cheapest e-SIM with a Korean number to do it, but the number did not work, so I can not recommend it. Maybe someone can recommend a better option. Be cautios what you buy. Despite the failed number, we were able to finish the booking by communicating just by mail in English.