St. Moritz

Kesch Hütte runde

5.5 h: 30 km 1445 m up over 2627 m 1445 m down (4 h moving)

Lot of bike pushing because of big stones and steep parts while climbing up the tourist trail. 

Nice narrow trail to Kesch hütte (some technique needed to ride all parts, but you can push bike if you are not comfortable with those parts). 

Fast and wide trail downhill (sometimes quite steep). Gravel with bigger stones limits the speed down.

It can be shortened by 15 km and 500 m of climbing shorter if you start in Chants instead of Bergün. It's just a paved road up to the Chants anyway.

Difficulty: difficult, rocky parts

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Kesch hütte runde

Alpine trail: Trais Fluors

5.5 h: 27 km 1200 m up over 2760 m 1100 m down (3 h moving)

Long, flowy fun trail with great views. 

Steep rooty forest end by the tourist tracks (can be bypassed by gravel road atlernatively).

Difficulty: moderate

Some scree slopes and roots. 

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What's nearby:

Ospizio Bernina Express views

5 h: 33 km 800 m up over 2300 m 1360 m down (3 h moving)

Long yet easy climb (can be avoided by train).

A mix of easy flowy and hard rocky trails down.

Nice meadow trail with views of a glacier to Alp Grüm railway station.

Steep rocky forest trail to Puntalta gorge with waterfal. 

Fast forest „Bernina Exress“ to Poschiavo.

Difficulty: moderate to extremely difficult

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Easy flowy Ospizio Bernina – Pontresina

1.6 h: 17 km 133 m up over 2263 m 600 m down (0.9 h moving)

Easy flow trail down from a train station. 

Train 17 CHF from Poschiavo

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Ducanfurgga (rain enforced change)

9.8 h: 49 km 1800 m up over 2675 m 2000 m down (5.7 h moving)

Probably not an easiest ride, quite a climb, but the trailiest trail I trailed.

Modifiend end from to climb to Filisur on a trail instead of the valley like an original trail

Train back to Bergün from Filisur to save a climb.

Difficulty: moderate to extremely difficult passages. 

Technical. Sometimes steep. A bit of bike carrying. Lot of climbing.

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Nice fast forrest descent from Bergün to Filisur.

Natural trails around Landwasser.

Train back to save climbing.

Bergün – Filisur

10 km 143 m up over 1476 m 475 m down (0.8 h moving)

Nice fast forrest descent.

Watch for hikers and expect them in hard turns. 

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Via Romantica – Landwasser Viaduct from Filisur

19.4 km 670 m up over 1532 m 670 m down (2.2 h moving)

The top part of Rufenenwald is quite a climb and exposed with bike pushing and climbing stairs in an exposed terrain. The top part goes through a scree. 

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Filisur runde through Landwasser Viaduct – Davains – Crap Furo

34 km 1400 m up over 1756 m 1400 m down (3.5 h moving)

Nice forest trail over 3 peaks.

Climb and forest downhill to Landwasser, the biggest obstacles are roots.

Climb to Davains and fast forrest downhill on a narrow trail (no roots). The descent to the road to Alvaneu in the middle is a bit steeper, but with a good grip and further forest trail to Surava.

Climb to Crap Furo rocks and fast and straight forrest downhill.

Easy return by Albula river to Filisur. 

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Ospizio Bernina

Alpine Ducanfurgga trailiest trail

Natural trails from Bergün – Filisur

Biking on tourist trails is permitted if not explicitly forbidden by official signage.

Technique might be needed for some demanding trails. 

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