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Rothorn: Dark Side of the Moon (2861 m)


0.4 h: 5.9 km 530 m down

Easy groomed relaxing flow trail with views of Arosa

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Hörnlihütte climb

6.8 km 641 m up

Climbing up on your own if you don't want to use a lift

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Meadowy gravely Urdensee

8.8 km 1140 m down

Meadowy downhill through Urdensee lake with couple of rocky parts. 

Couple of steeper harder parts on the top, some rocky parts to pass. 

Fast gravel roads down. 

Then steep forrest track with roots then loose rocks

Handy to descend to Chur through Tschiertschen without climbing.

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0.2 h: 2.2 km 247 m down

Rooty and rocky – not a rock-garden, just middle-sized rocks on the road.

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