Markha Valley Fork

Sorra Gorge

What's nearby:

Bus to Karu from Leh: 1.5 h / 35 km. Now the bus goes up to Shang Sumdo

Alternative: hitchhiking might be handy especially on the way back. 

The road back goes through a Tanklangla (5350 m) – the highest point on the way to Leh. 


Endless Valley

There & Back


There were quite unusual rainy conditions in 2006. The rivers were swollen, impossible to ford at the start. We were forced to took different paths and fords.

We chose places to camp by our possibilities and terrain limitations. Only the first night was in the lodge. There is plenty of opportunities to pitch a tent on the trek. Many of them marked as a campsite in OpenStreetMap, eg. mapy.cz

We started at Karu back then, but now a bus goes up to Chogdo.

Tent, food, hiking stove, water disinfection needed. 

Tiny rope (4-5 mm enough) for safety fording, might be handy. 

Petrol hiking stove running on kerosin is recommended to cover all 9-10 days. 

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