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Picturesque valley of Tyup river (2250-3300 m)

Higher peaks to downhill with a bit more opportunities and excelent powder snow. We took more rounds at these slopes; just an inspiration how does it look there. 

The start by the river to the south-east is slower, but there are nice downhills there and the way back is mildly down all the way without any need of putting skins on. 

SW rocky peak

2.5 h: 5 km 589 m up over 3500 m 589 m down

Nice wide downhill in powder snow. 

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6.6 h: 10 km 962 m up over 3500 m 962 m down

A bit steeper slope to downhill and a textbook powder snow!

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South-East up to 3600 m

5.6 h: 9 km 980 m up over 3650 m 980 m down

It's really about the aspect in the given conditions. We found an amazing powder at the bottom half and took couple of amazing rounds. 

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