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Longer/easier start with an acclimatization day via Refuge Albert 1er (2707 m)

Can be done in one day with a good altitude acclimatization or split to two days with an overnight on the Refuge Argentière (2771 m) to acclimatize. 

The hardest part is the descent from the Col du Chardonnet (3323 m) – there might be a rope for a safe steep descent, but you need your own for the case it would be burired under snow or damaged. 

1. Cabane du Trient (3169 m) via steep Col du Chardonnet (tougher, narrow descent >45° – rope needed)

6.7 h: 12 km 1100 m up over 3321 m 1150 m down

The first day of classic Haute Route.

  1. from lift from Argentière to Aiguille des Grands Montets (3295 m) (24 Chf)

  2. Glacier d'Argentière (2560 m)

  3. ↑ long climb to Col du Chardonnet (3321 m

  4. ↓ rappel  by rope – depending on snow conditions, the gradient might be >40°or >45° at the very top – the narrowness of the pass makes it necessary to descend on crapons with a safety rope anchored at the top. There is a fixed rope there, but it can be covered by snow, so you need to have your own as a backup.

  5. traverse below Grande Fourche (3080 m)

  6. ↑ climb with steep end to Fenêtre de Saleina (3261 m)

  7. Cabane du Trient (3170 m) (booking)

Update: The lift goes only to Bochard. That means more 300 m of initial climbing. The new lift replacing the former one is hoped to complete by winter 2023/24 season.

There was no drinking water on the Trient hut except for an option to purchase.

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2. ↓ Descent to Champex, crampons, commute

2 h: 10 km 20 m up 1660 m down

  1. Cabane du Trient (3170 m)

  2. along the edge of Glacier du Trient (2780 m) to avoid crevases

  3. on crampons to Col des Ecandies (2793 m)

  4. easy descent to Champex with the last part on a blue ski piste 

Commute by a taxi or bus (1 ¼ h) to Bourg St. Bernard (1920 m) (~130 ChF in 2015)

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