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Day 1: Ružomberok – Smrekovica

Chata pod Borišovom

Booking requests only by mail. ~ €25/night

There's no mobile signal there nor electricity. You can ask for charging if battery from solar has anough capacity. 

There's a „forrest shower“ though:)

Day 2: Chata pod Borišovom

There's no alternative accomodation except for the Hotel Granit Smrekovica. It's rather a moutain hotel (with sauna).

Near Horský hotel Smrekovica is closed for couple of years. 

What's nearby:

Horský hotel Kráľova studňa. The electricity is only from a generator and stops runing at 21 h. The sauna is heated by a fire, so available. 

Credit cards are not accepted.


Status: or

Pod Suchým vrchom Facebook for actual info.

Koniarka + 2 nearby

Koniarka & Smrekovica shelters had solar panels with car socket.