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Mutnovsky volcano (Мутновский)

A day hike 750 m up to craters of a Gorely volcano from a campsite at its foot. 

Gorely volcano (Горелый)

What's nearby:

A field of 14 lava caves (2000 years old) that formed by a molten lava flowing over a glacier; 6 caves are accessible. Views around are nicer than the caves themselves though:) 

Easy walk, just 1.5 km from a nearby road. 

Traveling on Kamchatka is a "sport" on its own. A public transportation is just around Petropavlovsk and Yelizovo. When we had no time we hired a taxi from a drive our Russian friends reccomended us and negotiated an exact time to pick us up. 

But hitchhiking was more fun. 

We stopped truck drivers driving from a golden mine. 

We met a guy who wanted to show us his shotgun and let us shoot with it just to the sky for a reason we still don't understand. 

And another guy we stopped just told us he will return to our site (camping below Gorely) do drink vodka with us and gave us a wild night ride with his Lada on lava fields around just for a fun.