Březník wetlands

Třístoličník rocks!

Only places on the trails are permitted to access: Březník & Cikánská slať. The area of Luzenský potok is forbidden to visit independently. You need to book a guide (web in Czech language).

The evening is aspecially beautiful to be there. 

Březník & Cikánská slať

5.2 h: 24 km 413 m up over 1276 m 413 m down (4.5 h moving)

Unmarked and marked trails of Šumava wetlands. 

Quick way back on a paved road. 

The walk around Luzenský potok is forbidden (without an explicit permission) to protect wild grouses.

We were extremely lucky to see an otter. It just silently and curiously swam to look who's there when I was photographing around Březník, and before I managed to switch a telephoto lens, it was gone. 

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What's nearby:

Chalupská slať

Easy and short 1 km walk on a wooden footway to the most beautiful peatbog around. It's a biggest peatbog lake in Czechia. Accessible even by a wheelchair. Chalupská slať

Lynx enclosure

Best time for seeing lynx is very early morning or late evening .

Best time for seeing wolfs is very early morning or late evening .

Polka: abandoned settlements, peatbogs & lynx

Soumarské rašeliniště

Wolf enclosure



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