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Here a drama "Touching the void" happened. Based on a real event. A tribute to a human perseverance. 

We looked up to the steep peaks with the characteristic, unusualy piled, dry snow that only in this continent can challgenge you. 

What's nearby:

Many camp sites and plenty of water on the trek. At the time the campsites were completely empty.

We did not meet anybody on the whole trail at the time except for locals.

All the Peru can be quite a hostile tourist trap. It was hard to escape it even here. Couple of times, random people were coming out of nowhere and asked money for nothing. 

"It's for our security!".

"Pay 15 Soles to our community, because we are building a road!" 

"Ok, 5 is enough.."

Even when we tried to avoid the villages, they started chasing us on horseback to get at least some money for us. 

We would appreciate and be happy to pay for a meal, beer, shelter or services on camping site, but for nothing?

They were quite hostile, arrogant, but not dangerous. It depends how you can handle communication. 

We did not hear about it before, and were quite unsure how legal it actually is. 

Maybe it was a remnant of the 1990s, when a terrorist communist organization Shining Path, operated in the area.

We sometimes gave them at least something. One groop issued us a kind of "receipt", whatever validity it has.