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Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga

1. Corno Picollo (via ferrata)

8.3 h: 18.3 km 818 m up over 2655 m 1552 m down (5.9 h moving)

  1. Corno Piccolo (2655 m) 

  2. Hotel Miramonti, Prati Bassi

For the record: our exhausting failure: After climbing down 300 m we realised that the hut we intendeed to book is just a ruin closed decades ago:) We accidentally booked a hut with the same name hundreds kms away. 

So we climbed the 300 m and 2 km back up and descended 600 m to the neareset hotel. 

The track and its hours/km is without this "side-trip". 

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2. Corno Grande (via ferrata)

7.3 h: 13 km 1397 m up over 2912 m (4.9 h moving)

  1. Lift La Madonnina (to save 500 m)

  2. Rifugio Carlo Franchetti (2433 m)

  3. Corno Grande (2912 m)

  4. Rifugio Duca degli Abruzzi (2388 m)

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3. Campo Imperatore – Sella dei Grilli

4.3 h: 11 km 665 m up (3.5 h moving)

Easy walk before descent.

  1. Capanne

  2. Monte Portella

  3. Campo Imperatore

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Gran Sasso d'Italia

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