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Japan’s largest mountain park with Hokkaido’s highest mountain Asahidake and an active volcano Tokachi.

5±1 day demanding hike (a hardcore 4-day variant to avoid having tent)

Typically a longer hike (from Asahi-dake Onsen) is made, and it's worth it if you have time.

And one more day is needed to sleep between Hisago-numa goya – Biei Fuji Hnina-goya in a tent.

I took an "express" shorter alternative to manage it in 4 days while staring at evening (60 km, 3800 m up to 2157 m) by merging these two days into one to avoid carrying the tent, but it was an extreme.

Daisetsuzan: the Roof of Hokkaido Hokkaidō. The most demanding hike. 大雪山

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