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Views from the ridge

Most of the track is through relaxing beech woods.

Beechwood forrest

Súľovské vrchy

12.5 km 770 m up over 776 m 770 m down (3.7 h moving)

Easy trip with couple of steeper parts on the way. People take it even with kids.

We made the trip longer (+1 h), because we returned back to couple of places to take photos at sunset. 

On the way down, we took a dinner in Koliba pod skalami.

An alernative way down is by the green tourist trail right from a Gothic gate

The way can be done both ways, but I consider it better to do it counter clockwise, because the better view are if you are looking away from the sun ruther than right to it. 

There can be a beautiful morning mist. Unfortunately, we were about 30 mins late at the most beautiful viewpoint to still see the whole valley covered by the mist right up to the crags.  

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What's nearby:

Spectacular rock formations. 

There is a bit of easy climbing through a narrow window in the rock to the top of the Súľov castle.

Šarkania diera

3.3 h: 8.7 km 518 m up over 783 m 518 m down (1.9 h moving)

An alternative way down through the majestic cave Šarkania diera. 

An alternative is to starting the way up through the Gothic cave (the end of the track above). It depends where do you want to take a chance to see the morning mist. 

The way is easy just with couple of steeper parts. 

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A base camp for all trips around. 

There are more rock formation around, like (Stratený Budzogáň)

Access by bus or car.