Labská bouda

Vysoká pláň – Dívčí kameny (Maiden rocks) – Špindlerovka

Some say that Labská bouda is a concrete monster. 

I say it's a beautiful modern architecture (by architect Zdeněk Říhák, build at 1975) that fits well to its location. 

It wasn't maintained well for over a decade, but now it's getting better. 

Sadly the former large windows across the two floors of the restarant did not surveive a reconstruction at 2004. 

What's nearby:

Seeing a sunset here was one of the main reasons we planned the trip to two days. 

We choose to overnight in a Penzion U Kotle to enjoy sunsets on two days. Many other alternatives for an overnight are around.

Small sauna included.

Luční bouda


Vrbatovka sunset

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