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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Петропавловск-Камчатский): genius loci

All houses in the city are shabby. People don't own them so they invest just into interiors of their flats they live in and nobody repairs the houses. 

Half of the cars in the city have a steering wheel on the right. There's no connection with the rest of Rusia other than by a plane, so it's closer and easier to import used cars from Japan. And the city adapted to that: they still drive on right, but e. g. there are two gates to a Yelizovo airport: one for left-driving and one for right-driving cars:)

Living in Petropavlovsk

Base camp for all trips on Kamchatka.

Half of the population of Kamchatka lives here. 

We booked a hotel Geysir for the first night as it was the only place we were able to arange remotely back in 2009. 

What's nearby:

Warm-up day trips close to Petropavlovks.

Easy hike to forrests of Nalychevo Natural park

Climb to see an Avachinsky volcano. We did not reach the top because of cloudy weather. Climbing to it's crater in 2741 m would be a demanding hike: 6-8 h ascend and another 3-4 h descend. 

This is warning! Vodka and caviar is cheap and tasty. Vodka is being served by 100 g instead of shots here. That's the minimum you can order, but it's not uncommon to order 300 g.