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Tough journey. That's the goal.

When not river fording or passing through the almost impenetrable "stlánik" forrest the terrain is a tundra and wetlands easier to walk.

Tasty blueberries and some kind of red-berries (not sure their name) are on the way. 

There are many bears in the area, but they are not interested in meeting you if you don't do stupid things like getting in between a mother and her cubs. We finally saw only their footprings on this trip.

Most of the bears are to the south on Kurile lake catching salmons rather than you. 

Our journey

  1. 7 km: bypassing a gold mine "асачинский рудник" right after 2h taxi ride. Wilderness camping, cooking on a fire. 

  2. 21 km: 8 h moving time + lunch break with cooking and drying on open fire. Fording a river by gum boots many times. No time to rest except for the lunch. Getting through "stlánik" impenetrable forrest on couple of places very slowly. Curing a knee ache by a vodka bandage.

  3. 16 km: 6 h moving time + lunch break. Mostly tundra, but "stlánik", picking mushrooms for lunch, fording a river. Arrival to Khodutka hot springs and bath, fishing.

  4. Relax at Khodutka: hot springs bathing, fishing and eating fish.

  5. same way back: fording, bear paths, blueberries, fishing. 

  6. same way back + fishing. 

  7. same way back: fishing in "aquarium": a river full of salmons. Passing impenetrable "stlánik" again. Hitchiking to Gorely.