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Guide was compulsory back in 2011, but now you are free to choose between a guide or independent visit

No guide, except the one (Omar) that villagers found us when we asked were willing to go with us just with a backpack without donkeys. Omar did great. He negotiated our overnight in a clay hut and even a meat dinner (Goat) for a reasonable price. 

We saw their endemic Ethiopian Wolf looks like a fox. 

We hitchhiked from Rira to Robe and by shuttle back to Dinsho. 

Alternative officicial trek

  1. Dinsho – Web valley – Finch Habera waterfall – Sodota camp site (4-5 h)

  2. Keyrensa camp site (4-5 h)

  3. Rafu campsite (rock pillars caused by an old lava flow) (5-6 h)

  4. Across Sanetti Plateau – Garba Guracha Lake (6h) (view of highest mountain Tullu Deemtu)

  5. Shaya Valley – Worgona (6-7 h)

  6. Denka River bank to Dinsho (6 h)

Ethiopian Wolfs in Bale Mountains

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